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DJ Applehead, a native of New York but now living in Florida, was introduced to DJing by way of an acting audition. A natural entertainer, Applehead’s love of the arts was nurtured by acting in off-Broadway and local theater productions. It was during this time he took part in set, lighting and audio design for numerous productions.

Applehead left the theater and started his Dj career in the early 2000’s. At this time he met the man who would end up being one of his mentors and manager at a well known full service entertainment company on Long Island. It was here where Applehead learned the techniques that ensured a successful event such proper equipment placement, how to equalize a room to allow for the best sound, the art of reading a crowd, and the timing to make announcements. Over the next four years, Applehead MC’d events throughout the Tri-State area of New York.

At the same time, Applehead worked as an assistant director and then director for a variety of public school theater productions. This experience developed his skills for marketing, event promotion and budgeting. Because of his success and strong work ethics, Applehead developed solid relationships with business, local vendors and venues. This network helped him promote his shows. For one of the productions, Applehead took a minimal budget and doubled it in proceeds by selling advertisements and tickets.

In 2004, Applehead decided to move to South Florida and began working for a local South Florida entertainment company. Here, he continued to fine-tune the art of being an MC and slowly made the transition to becoming a successful DJ. Applehead eventually co-founded his entertainment company in 2008, called White Tie Affairs.
He honed his business skills by growing his network through attending trade shows, promoting events, and communicating with customers. He also perfected technical skills such as learning how to beat match music so that a transition from one song to another was seamless, creating one fluid song. In 2015, he began lending his voice to web based, educational learning programs and radio ads for local organizations.

During his 20 plus years of entertainment experience, he has learned how to produce a project, seamlessly mix various genres of music to create a well rounded mix. As a DJ and MC, he has shared stages with the likes Miami Heat Dancers, The Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders, local television personalities, and actress/singer Vanessa Williams. His company, White Tie Affairs has become one of the best entertainment companies in South Florida. It earned a Top 3 Wedding DJ Company in South Florida award by WPLG 10, Local 10 news. Not only does DJ Applehead continue to perform, and record voice overs, he continues to work with venues, clients and planners alike to make their events a success.

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